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Post-Acute Facility Wound Care Specialist

NOVA Wound Care, PC

Board-Certified Wound Care Specialist located in Fairfax, VA & Eastern Shore, Painter, VA

If you had surgery or were injured, and your wound isn’t getting better, NOVA Wound Care, PC, provides comprehensive post-acute facility wound care in convenient locations in Fairfax and Eastern Shore Painter, Virginia. Wound care specialist Timothy Lapham, MD, and a team of highly trained professionals evaluate and treat acute, complex non-healing wounds with integrative wound care therapy. For post-acute facility wound care call today or book your consultation online.

Post-Acute Facility Wound Care Q&A

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When should I see a doctor about an acute wound?

Your body has an amazing ability to repair itself, but sometimes you have a wound that doesn’t recover as it should. This failure to heal may happen after surgery, cancer treatment, trauma, and in other circumstances as well. 

Typically, if your wound hasn’t gotten better after 30 days, it’s time to contact the wound care specialists at NOVA Wound Care, PC. They evaluate your wound and recommend the right steps to set you on the road to recovery. 

What are the signs of a non-healing acute wound?

A wound that isn’t healing appears red or swollen. Other signs to look for include:

  • Pain at the wound site
  • Heat at the wound site
  • Discharge from the wound

When it’s not healing, your wound also may have an odor.

What type of acute wounds are treated with post-acute facility wound care?

Post-acute facility wound care encompasses a full range of wounds you might experience after trauma or surgery. These may include:

  • Burns
  • Diabetic wounds, such as foot ulcers
  • Vascular ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Non-healing wounds after surgery
  • Wounds from autoimmune disease

As experts in wound care, the team at NOVA Wound Care, PC, helps you heal from wounds related to cancer treatment, such as wounds from radiation. They also manage wounds that don’t heal properly when you’re obese.

What happens with post-acute facility wound care?

You can expect your provider at NOVA Wound Care, PC, to thoroughly assess your wound, then recommend a targeted, integrative plan of treatment. Wounds heal the best in an environment that is clean, moist (but not wet), and sheltered from trauma, heat loss, and bacteria. 

Given this, your provider first ensures your wound is clean. They gently cleanse the area with sterile saline or water, then carefully remove damaged skin and debris that can harbor bacteria and interfere with the healing process.

Next, they apply an appropriate dressing to reduce the chances of bacterial contamination and pain. Using the right dressing can make a significant difference in how quickly and how well your wound heals.

If you need expert wound care, trust the experts at NOVA Wound Care, PC. Call today or schedule your consultation online for post-acute facility wound care.